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Choosing the right Key Management System

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Choosing the right Key Management System for your Business

Sorting out access to facilities, vehicles and assets and managing the keys is causing you a headache.  You know you need to take control of your key management and implement a proper solution but where do you start in a market full of options?

Start by asking these basic questions to take control of the situation and implement the right system.

What’s my Budget?

The complexity of systems will vary from a simple mechanical pegboard type system through to complex automated high security cabinets with full audit features and the price varies accordingly.  Be realistic, if you have a $500.00 budget don’t waste time looking at systems costing in the tens of thousands of dollars.

How many Keys do I need to control?

Do a quick tally to determine the size of system you will require.  10 keys? 20 or 200?  Remember that sometimes keys can be grouped together in order to reduce the overall system size and cost. One key fob can hold several keys.

What is the level of Security access needed? 

Do you need to protect access to highly sensitive areas or to a closet full of janitorial supplies? 

Some higher end automated key checkout systems can be purchased with non-locking key fobs to save money.   You can still find out who took the key to the janitors closet with non locking fobs, but you might be choosier about who accesses your secure areas and want that key locked in place and only available to pre-authorized users. For the higher security key systems with locking fobs, access can be controlled by PIN entry.  You may also want to consider using your existing access cards by adding a reader to the cabinet, or consider options such as biometric access.

Do I need a Key Audit trail? 

This is a fancy way to say who when and where.

The purpose of your key management system is to take back control and create some accountability for the key users. A pegboard system isn’t going to tell you much unless you are physically at the board and can see who took the key. Once it’s replaced there is no trail to follow and no accountability. Unknown damage to a vehicle?  It wasn’t me will still be the answer.  An automated system will give you much more control and instant information from your pc or across your network.   Access to keys is granted by the system administrator.  You can track in real time the key user, when they took the key and when it was returned. Alarms can be set if the key is out past a predetermined curfew and supervisors can be notified remotely and immediately. Now you are back in control!

Are you ready to source out the solution that’s right for you?  Still confused?  Call us at 1-877-460-9602.  Key Box Systems has over 30 years of experience in key management solutions and we offer a wide variety of products to fit your budget and requirements. 

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