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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box Key Management Systems

Welcome to Key-Box Systems. We are the Key Systems Division of
Time Access Systems Inc. and are the leading provider of affordable
security key and asset management systems in North America
We are dedicated to providing state of the art key and asset management systems and related products in the industry. Key-Box key management systems have been designed to provide a quick and easy method of issuing and controlling keys. Key-Box provides instant information as to the current user of a key, the previous user as well as a complete history of the key usage, Key-Box can also restrict access to individual keys thus enabling cost effective and efficient management of keys, reducing losses as well as time and energy trying to locate lost or misplaced or keys taken off site.


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Key-Box enables you to control, monitor and record the use of almost any physical asset, including secure areas, and premises, facilities, equipment, machinery and vehicles. Key-Box provides state of the art smart key management and equipment for management of key access to better protect your most important assets resulting in improved efficiency and reduced downtime, less damage, fewer losses, lower operating costs and significantly less administration costs.



State of the Art Automated Key

Management Systems 

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Key-Box Key Management Solutions for all Facilities/Industries

Key-Box key/asset management systems are in use in many facilities and industries across North America such as Hospitality, Property Management, Law Enforcement, Casino/Gaming Facilities, Universities and Colleges, Public and Private Schools, Telecommunication Facilities, Prisons and Correctional Facilities, Government Facilities, Military Facilities, Municipalities, Transportation & Logistics, Industrial Facilities, Water Authorities, Power Plants, Data Centers, Fleet Management, Convention Centers, Hospital/Health Care Facilities, etc.

 Do you know where your valuable facilities keys are? With Key-Box automated key systems you'll always know where your keys are 24/7!

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We Offer High Quality Products and Superior Service and Support


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