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The ERA of the BASIC KEY is OVER!

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key managementThe era of the basic key has passed. Yup, it is over, gone like the dodo.  With technology, keys now come in all shapes and forms, from laser cut to smart keys. Keys that have brains. We are talking some seriously fancy objects for just opening doors right?  The truth of the matter is that our keys now are used in a wide variety of businesses and institutions with many purposes beyond locking a door.  Keys not only secure but have the ability to record usage information.  Business can track shift changes, workflow patterns and so forth to enable an efficient work environment.  Keys have become an intragal part of many companies and their usage is needed, not only to secure but to keep things safe beyond a "locked door".

With such technology comes cost.  These keys can come with a big price tag.   If a key were to be lost, how would this affect your business?

Could you still efficiently and safely run your business?  The first thing you would have to determine is if you can keep operations flowing.  If not, you are halting the flow of business as usual and most likely losing potential money.  In fact, we will start to lose regardless as we have employees to still pay for while the issues at hand is dealt with.  Time is money, do you have the time to lose?

key management for police

Is there a potential for a threat to your business?  Did someone take a key and is waiting for the opportune time to enter your building/vehicles to see what they can benefit from?  Is their safety now at risk from this opportunity?  Are your employees at a potential risk of damage to equipment?  Can you afford to lose hundreds to thousands of dollar to theft?
Then there are the costs associated with replacing a key(s).   Most circumstances, we lose one key we have to replace several in its place.  This can add up very quickly with some keys costing $100-$500. You already know all that though so the big question:

Are these worth the risk to your business?

Modernizing your key management system is one of the easiest ways you can improve your key security.  Key storage boxes and monitoring systems deliver all of the safety and efficiency of smart key management without a significant impact to your available workspace.

Having a peace of mind utilizing an organized system for your keys will be the smartest decision you can make and we happen to have just the staff on hand to help. Have questions about any of this or want to get pricing on options? Give our team a call or email us via our contact page HERE. We look forward to working and securing your business together.

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