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Key Security is Asset Security

posted by Anonymous

When we think about keys, we tend to think about the doors they unlock, the places they let us go, the things they let us do; but, if we look at the keys we manage in our day to day lives, we see that keys aren’t the tool by which we achieve our day to day functions, they are the permission, the privilege by which we are granted access to that room, that vehicle, that tool. That is because, key management systems do not just secure keys – they secure the assets that those keys control. They provide the peace of mind that only qualified individuals can gain access to your high-security keys, so that those individuals can perform their jobs. But a key management system isn’t just for security.

A key management system provides managers with detailed event reports, audit reports, and most importantly, metrics – who took what and when, if keys weren’t returned by the end of their curfew, email alerts if someone tries to forcefully open the cabinet door, just to name a few of the critical features that are invaluable to you as an administrator of your workplaces keys. The value behind a key management system in your work environment is that human error factor is removed, that policy and procedure is automatically enforced, and detailed records are provided to you to ensure compliance among that many day to day users of your key management system. A key management system is a critical component of an effective security strategy at any and all companies, businesses, corporations, or government sectors, because key security is asset security.

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