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Key To Survival

posted by Anonymous

Key to Survival


"We have some of the finest, fully trained law enforcement officers in the world...but do you think I can get them to sign out a vehicle key?"


This comment made by one discouraged Sheriff when first phoning our company and rings true to many in all industries. Have YOU ever experienced the frustration of spending hours searching for missing keys? On a daily basis asking your employees "Does anyone know who had our keys last???"


Consider for a moment, how much time is spent on searching for missing keys or assets every day, and how much you are paying your employees to perform this unneccessary task. Not to mention how many unbudgeted dollars have been spent on replacing keys, locks or even assets stolen as a result of lost keys.


In today's world of uncertainty we have a responsibility to make security improvements and be on our guard against loss/theft of keys to our schools, hospitals, airports, banks, vehicles and more...


At Time Access Systems we understand your needs and we will deliver quality solutions for any sized business, and to accomodate any budget. As experts in our field we work with you to discern the right system, from basic mechanical to automated key management systems. 


The above mentioned Sheriff is today enjoying the many benefits of the fully automated Key-Box System. They have resolved all of their challenges with the addition of having: 

  • Full control over who accesses which keys 24/7
  • Monitoring/tracking keys from any location
  • Access to full audit trail of all key activity at the click of a button 
  • Improved efficiency in organizing Vehicle/Facility keys and other assets
  • Email notifications to actively prevent key loss and theft 
  • Restricting keys to dangerous equipment or sensitive information
  • Promoting the use of older vehicles before newer vehicles

Find out more at / email us at
or call our friendly team toll free 1-877-460-9602




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