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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Key-Box 9500 SC Series

Model: 9500SCSERIES

Key-Box Key Systems Are The Lowest Priced Key Systems In North America!

Key Box intelligent key management systems with smart key identification for monitoring and controlling each and every key 24/7. Key-Box 9500 SC series offer a choice between 14, 28, 42, 56, 70, 84 or 98 key slots within the sames cabinet. The system can be futher expanded up to 588 key slots capacity with available optional expansion cabinets and expansion key strips. There is a wide range of options and accessories available for the 9500 SC series key mgt. system.

The 9500 SC series Key Systems Are In Sock For Fast Delivery Throughout North America!

Key-Box 9500 SC Information Brochure KeyWin6 Pro Standard Software Brochure KeyWin6 Pro Opt. Cloud Software Brochure
Case Study and Clients Using Key-Box Systems Purchasing Guide for Key Mgmt. System Key-Box 100% Solid Metal Smart Key Fobs

Key-Box High Quality Key Management Systems


Key-Box 9500 SC series

Key-Box 9500 SC series key management system with key identification for monitoring and controlling each and every key, Space for a maximum of 98 key slots (maximum of 7 key strips with 14 key slots on each strip). Display with simple menu navigation. Equipped with battery backup. Administration performed by using the PC program KeyWin 6 Pro software. The system can be expanded using multiple key cabinets in the same system up to 588 key slots using available 9500 EC expansion cabinets that can hold up to 98 key slots in each expansion cabinet, The expansion key cabinets are expanded with available expansion 14 key slot key strips. The 9500 SC series key management system is our most popular model and is in use throughout North America in all sorts of businesses and organizations. (9500 SC shown with Standard Clear polycarbonate door) 



What's Included In Each Key-Box Key Management System Each 9500 SC key system includes *Key cabinet system with digital display and PIN entry keypad, *Standard high impact clear polycarbonate and metal frame door, *100% solid metal intelligent key fobs, *Stainless steel tamper proof key rings, *Network KeyWin software license with no annaul fees, *Unlimited professional remote tech support for setting up your new Key-Box key management system. Key-Box is your best value as it includes everything required in a key system without added extra costs!
Key-Box exclusive Secure-Lock 100% solid metal intelligent key fobs is the solid choice when it comes to choosing a key system. The solid metal key fobs and tamper proof key rings are included with all of our Key-Box key management systems...Learn More
KeyWin 6 Pro Software License Is Included With All Key-Box Automated Key Systems At No Extra Charge!

How Does Key-Box Key System Work?

The way the key system with intelligent locking key fobs works is each user would be issued a preselected personal PIN number the user will then enter his/her PIN on the keypad located on the key cabinet. The cabinet door will automatically open and only release the keys they are authorized to have. The rest of the keys in the cabinet will stay locked in place. The system will record when the keys were taken and when they are returned and by whom! If the keys are not returned within the curfew the system will automatically generate an email and send it to management or security.


All Key-Box systems come with our durable stainless steel flexible tamper proof key rings

All key systems come standard with our 1.5" diameter round durable flexible stainless steel key rings We also offer a wide range of available key rings ... Learn More


Key-Box Key Systems Are Loaded With Advanced Features

•Selected or random PIN code. Option to
change code at cabinet(s).
•Inactivation of users.
•Validity period for users.
•Unlimited number of users

•Time restriction.
•Searchable hidden key ID.
•Graphical key overview.
•One key in one or more cabinets.
•Free or fixed key position.



Event Log
•Log from PC and cabinet(s).
•Selection of what will be shown in log.
•Intelligent search function.
•Sort by date or events.
•Clear alarm indications.
•Reports via CSV file and PDF.

•Unlimited number of administrators.
•Adjust administrator rights.
•Selection of cabinet(s) for administration.
•Only information about own cabinet(s).
•Activities registered in log.

•Groups for users and keys.
•Time channels.
•Simple administration via groups.

Key Cabinet
•Search function in display.
•Information about who has key.
•Service menu for configuration.
•Administration code with full. authorization.
•Stand-alone or network.
•Automatic or fixed IP address.
•Door alarm.
•Key alarm.


PC Software Administration
The 9500 SC Series is administered from the user friendly KeyWin 6 Pro software supporting a Microsoft Access or SQL database.The 9500 SC Series can communicate with the KeyWin 6-Pro software using a range of different options including Ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232 and modem. Multiple systems can be networked together over a local or wide area network to provide accountability for a limitless number of keys administrated from multiple PC workstations running the KeyWin 6-Pro software.



Optional User Identification
The 9500 SC Series can support any type of optional access control device required to identify a user to the key system. Supported devices include optional RFID proximity access card readers from all leading access control manufacturers, magstripe, barcode and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial, etc.


Modular Design Features
Designed to accommodate between 14 and 98 keys (or key sets), the innovative 9500 SC Series design allows for starting small and later expanding by adding multiples of 14 key positions (called expansion key strips) as required. Expansion Key Strips are defined as locking or non-locking. Locking receptor strips lock the key fobs in place restricting access to authorized personnel down to the individual key. Non-locking expansion strips provide a solution for organizations requiring less security but still an audit of key usage. LED lighting indicate which keys can be taken, which keys are restricted and assist the user when returning the key to the correct location. The cabinets can be supplied with a clear polycarbonate or metal door. The control panel consists of the user interface which includes the screen, keypad and access card or biometric reader.


   Key-Box 9500 SC Series

     9500SC series with biometric finger
      recognition access reader shown 

Key-Box 9500 SC series with 588 key slot capacity with 5 expansion key cabinets 

          Key-Box 9500 SC Series

Shown 9500 SC cabinets with standard high impact lexan secure clear doors Note cabinets are also available with optional solid metal doors    



Cabinet Dimensions: 746 x 730 x 140 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Power Supply: Input: AC120-240V Output: VDC
Battery Backup: DC12V 3.2Ah (24hours)
Power Consumption: 65W max/0.3A
Cabinet Material: Steel
Color Options: Light Grey Powder Coated

Door Material: Standard Clear Polycarbonate or

Optional Solid Metal




Operating Temp: Ambient For Indoor Use Only
Mounting: Wall or Cabinet stand mounted
Key Positions: 14-98
Receptor Strip Support: Locking, Non Locking,
Users per systems: 10,000 plus
Communications: Ethernet, GPRS, RS485, RS232, Modem
Reader Interface: Wieguard


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