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Bio-Access Touchless Access Reader
At Time Access Systems Inc we do care As a matter of fact one of our concerns for today’s businesses and organizations is the protection of their most valuable asset which is their staff from the treat of illness or viruses when they are on the job. Unfortunately not every staff member is able to work remotely; many essential workers must enter their work place such as Plants, Industrial facilities, hotels, correctional facilities, law enforcement, and other locations in order to preform their jobs. A lot of these individuals use keys every day as part of their daily routine duties to access controlled and restricted areas of the facilities they work in

  Key-Box 9500SC Series Key System Information Brochure


Bio-Access NO TOUCH Facial Access Reader Information


Time Access Systems Inc has been offering Key-Box key systems with
with swipe card access as well as touchless proximity card access readers for
a number of years. Every one of our key cabinets is built with heavy duty steel
cabinet construction with durable powder coating surfaces to resist corrosion
that can be routinely wiped clean These features/options have always made
Key-Box key management systems an easy choice for helping to resist the
spread of viruses and disease and keeping staff safe and healthy.




Because key usage is something that cannot be made fully touchless, Time Access Systems Inc is now offering their Key-Box key systems with two optional Bio-Access touchless facial recognition access facial readers for accessing the key cabinets The 1st option is a fully touchless facial recognition access reader, 2nd option is a fully touchless facial recognition system with temperature detection for detecting fever temperature of users and accessing the key cabinet with Key-Box new optional features will enable authorized users to access their innovative Key-Box key cabinet without physically contacting the outside of the unit. Time Access Systems Inc goal is to greatly reduce common touch points between users, minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination and disease transmission among your staff.

Key-Box Key Management Systems offers two optional Bio-Access Touchless 
quality advanced Biometric Facial Recognition access Screen reader for accessing
key cabinets


Key-Box Key Management Systems optional

Bio-Access Touchless quality Advanced
Biometric Facial Recognition access facial Screen readers for accessing key cabinets. The 1st option is our fully automated Bio-Access Touchless Facial recognition access reader with No Touch screen access to the key cabinet without touching the screen






The 2nd option is our fully automated
Bio-Access Touchless Facial
recognition with true temperature
detection access reader with No Touch
screen for detecting temperature of users and accessing the key cabinet without touching the screen Key-Box Key Management Systems offers two optional Bio-Access Touchless quality Advanced Biometric Facial Recognition access Screen reader for accessing key cabinets Key-Box



 Please Note: Biometric Facial Access Readers Are Only Available for Key-box 9500 SC series

 At Time Access Systems Inc your safety matters to us. We are always researching and innovating to keep up not only with the latest in security technology, and also with the latest in personnel health protection. Disclaimer Notice: Time Access Systems Inc does not assume or accept liability whatsoever for any optional access readers such as card access readers, biometric finger print access readers, biometric facial recognition access readers, biometric facial recognition facial/temperature access readers etc. for false readings or miscellaneous other etc. Time Access Systems Inc sources out the highest quality access readers and accessories for its Key-Box key systems and ensures when these optional items are installed with the key systes that all functions work as per manufactureres specs, prior to being shipped to the customer. For further disclaimer info for warranty etc. Please contact us . 


For more information about what Key-Box key and asset management systems
    can do for you, please contact us at (604)460-8670 / Toll free 1-877-460-9602