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Semi Automated Key System

Do you know where your valuable facilities keys are? With Key-Box 9500 S
   Secure-Lock key systems you'll always know where your keys are 24/7


Key-Box 9500 S Secure-Lock Intelligent Key Management
  Systems for all Types of Businesses and Organizations


Key-Box Computerized Key Management System

Each key is individually locked in place in the Secure-Lock key holder lock and
only released to authorized users with their assignment access ID key pegs 


 Key-Box 9500 S 

 Informational Sales Brochure

The Key-Box software provides a full audit trail and real time reporting, detailing who has used each set of keys and when. As a result, staff become more accountable and our customers have found that keys are returned at the end of shifts. This leads to reduce security requirements, with less loss, damage and  liability


  • Available with go or 75 individual Locking Key Holders
  • Manage, control and report on the use of cabinet activities
  • The system identifies the authorized user that removed the keys
  • Restrict access to specific times for certain staff members
    and contractors
  • Improve shift start-ups by ensuring important keys are always
    in place and ready to use
  • Completely remove the need for manual key issue
  • Reduce losses and damage by making users fully accountable
  • Fully scalable to accommodate up to 15 expansion slave cabinets with up to 1125 key holders
  • 24/7 Audit trails of all key cabinet compartment access event

With our Secure-Lock key system, management and staff will always know who has removed the facility keys and who the users are that have the key/keys etc. Thus saving a lot of time if another user requires a certain facility key or keys that are not in the cabinet or wall board key system.

The way our Key-Box Secure-Lock 9500 S key systems work is an authorized user with their pre-assigned PIN enters their PIN on the key cabinet. The door would automatically open displaying all the keys that are individually locked in the key locking holders. The user would insert their ID key into the key lock holder with the key/keys they require once the user ID key is inserted into the key lock holder the keys are unlocked and released. The key lock holder would then keep the user ID key lock until the user returns the keys back, when the user returns the keys they would simply enter their pre-assigned PIN on the key cabinet and insert the key holder with the attached keys back into the key lock holder where their ID key is locked up. Once the returned key is locked in place. The key holder lock would than release the user ID key 

The 9500 S Secure-Lock system can be further expanded in the future as needs arise up to 1,125 key holder capacity with available 9500 EC Expansion slave cabinets that connect to the 9500 S Series cabinet, each slave cabinet can hold up to 75 locking key holders, up to 15 expansion slave cabinets can be added to the 9500 S Series master cabinet 

Our exclusive Key-Box 9500 S Secure-Lock semi automated key management system with KeyWin Light software is a low cost alternative solution to higher cost fully automated key systems
  Key-Box offers a wide range of
fully automated key management
systems to meet all customers
key management requirements


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