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Key-Box Property Management Key Systems

Key-Box Property Management Key Systems Will secure, manage and provide an audit of your valuable facilities keys, access cards, vehicles and equipment associated with your organization property key control 

Whether you manage vacation rentals, apartments, condo complexes, offices, commercial buildings, Management of high volume of keys for rental or condo units, maintenance rooms, common areas are challenging. A single misplaced or stolen key or piece of equipment puts your property, staff and residents at risk not to mention the liability! That is why you need a reliable property management key control system in place. Key-Box key system can provide that solution for protecting your valuable keys and assets.

Key-Box 9500 SC series key system

Key-Box 9500 SC series key management system is one of the most affordable property management key systems in North America, The 9500 SC series can be ordered with as little as 14 key slots and up to 98 key slot capacity within the same cabinet The key system can be further expanded up to 588 key slots with available expansion key cabinets. The system is available with individual Non-Locking key fobs or high security individual Locking intelligent key fobs. Key-Box 9500 SC series is easy to use and set up...Learn More

Easy Purchasing Guide KeyWin Pro 6 Software 9500 SC Info Brochure

Key Management System Usage

Store keys close to where they are most needed, for safety, efficiency and security. provide authorized access to staff, personnel, maintenance staff, engineers or outside contractors



Accountability for Your Facilities Keys

Key-Box provides full visibility of who accessed each key or keys and when, making users accountable and preventing unauthorized or inappropriate use or access to your valuable facilities keys.



Key-Box Intelligent property management key control with powerful KeyWin Pro key management software. provides custom report and will also support existing processes Gain full administration and total control 24/7 with visibility over your facility keys

Allow access to authorized staff and contractors only

Provide access only to authorized staff and contractors with the right credentials to access the keys and equipment by PIN entry, Biometric finger reader or card access  

Maintain Compliance and policy protocols

Provide a complete audit trail of all keys and assets, including all users transparency of who has accessed  what, when and for how long a key was logged out.

Improve staff and contractors accountability

Improve staff and outside source contractors accountability for keys and equipment, since all usage is tracked, stored and traceable, driving accountability.

Save time with key tracing in case of power loss

In the event of power outages, computer hardware failure, you can still access and find the key or keys you require from the key cabinet.



Receive alarms and notification alerts by email

Receive email notifications if a key is not returned within the users curfew, If a key is due and is not returned back to the key cabinet an email is immediately sent out.



De-centralize facility key and asset storage

store keys and equipment in locations close to where they are most required and ready to be accessed by users with the  authorized credentials and authorit



Key-Box also offers affordable low cost key mangement systems for all sorts of property management companies and organizations requiring an affordable solution for securing their valuable keys  



Innovative Key Control Systems

*Secures and locks keys in the cabinet

*Prevent loss for your valuable keys

*Control access to facilities keys/area

*Track who removes the keys 24/7

*Eliminate cost for replacing lost keys

*Save more & spend less on key control


Information Sales Brochure


As low as $1,399.99 US

Innovative low cost key control cabinets with secured individual locked keys Accessible by authorized users with their assigned ID access keys

Our secure-Lock low cost mechanical key management systems provide friendly key control solutions for all sorts of facilities and businesses that require an affordable organized key solution. The keys to your facilities & businesses are one of its most important assets. The way the Secure-Lock system works is an authorized user with their access ID key enters their ID key into the key lock holder with the facility key/keys they require once the user ID is entered into the key lock holder the facility keys are released. When the user returns the key or keys they would insert the key holder with the attached keys back to the key lock holder, the key lock holder would than release the users ID key ...Learn More 



Key-Box 9000 S sereis smart key solutions for simplier needs!


Key-Box 9000 S series

Electronic Key Management Systems

The 9000-S series is based on simplcity & security, Key cabinets are all equipped with a PIN keypad, and a manue display screen for viewing The system is programmed via KeyWin Light USB software. The key cabinets are avaialble in verious models and sizes with 16, 29, 216 hooks or alternatively with 6 key compartmens. All key cabinets can be further expanded using expansion cabinets by up to 15 expansions in any combination within one key system ...Learn More        

9000 S series powered by KeyWin Light software 

The 9000 S series key stsrems are powered by KeyWin Light USB software which you obtain monitoring and control by plugging a USB drive into the key cabinet using a service code. The event log is also  downloaded to the USB flash drive, which is then processed on a computer It is simple to add or edit codes as well as to look up info in the event log and then uploaded them to the cabinet again via USB 


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